Round Wood Table Tutorial

Thanks for all the kind words on our round table reveal. I’m glad so many of you were as excited as we were:)  I will warn you, today’s post is picture-heavy, but we wanted to make sure we gave all the details in case any of you are thinking about tackling this project yourself {and if you do, we’d love to see a pic of your version!}.  Since Mike did most of the building, I’ll let him you give you the run down.

Jessie saw a round dining table on the internet somewhere and decided that something like that would be nice to have in our dining room. Since we had made our dining room over in a kind of rustic/farm house style, a wood table was what we were going for. The table that she wanted cost more than I would spend for a small car, but I thought that it looked simple enough that I could replicate it.

We chose the type of wood we wanted and the dimensions to fit our room first and then went shopping. We chose a 60 inch diameter table made from hickory wood. Hickory is a very hard wood, which is nice now, but a real pain during the building process as we had to pre-drill everything. Self tapping screws were even tough to get through without a pre-drilled hole. But before we get to all that, we had to get our wood stained.

Yes, we built the majority of this thing in our kitchen.  It’s too cold in the garage and we could have the t.v. on when we worked in the kitchen:)  There was some sawdust clean up here and there, but overall it was a pretty clean build and we were nice and toasty while we worked.  We put a drop cloth over our now kitchen table {old dining table} and did most of the construction there.

We started with pre-stain.  It helps the wood take in the stain more evenly and enrichens the color.

You can see the color difference after wiping some of this stuff on.

We let that dry and then started with our stain, which was Dark Walnut by Minwax.

We used a foam roller to apply the stain for a smooth application.

Roll on a coat, let dry for at about 10 minutes, then wipe off excess stain with a rag or old shirt.

Then leave them out to dry overnight.

Side note: the rest of the pictures have the boards flipped upside down, which are not stained.  This is the side we did all the marks and drill/screw holes-underneath.  Just don’t want to cause any confusion!

We stopped at one coat to wait until we got the table in the dining room to see if we wanted to leave it as is or add another coat. Next step was laying out the boards in the arrangement we wanted. They each looked a little different after being stained, so we alternated lighter/darker boards so it looked the way we wanted. I marked where I would pre-drill with a pencil…

And then drilled with the Kraig jig on the backside of each board about every 8-10 inches for assembly.

You’ll then have all of these lovely holes, ready to be put together.

We had to pre-drill all the boards where the screws would connect the boards because the wood is so hard and screws did not go in easily.

We then glued

And screwed each board to the next,

Clamping along the way.


The clamps we had were not long enough to go from the first board to the last so we had to get a little creative at the end, using wratchet straps to secure the last bit.  We let this set overnight before moving forward.

I put a screw in the exact middle of the big-square table top that we now had and measured out 30 inches of string {half the final diameter} and attached it to a pencil.

This gave me a perfect circle, which I cut out with a jig saw, leaving the circular table top.

We used 4×4 cedar boards for the legs {because they didn’t sell any hickory 4x4s and that was the closest wood color we would find} and cut them to the height that we wanted-30″ is standard table height.

We figured out where we wanted the legs next and went about securing them. It was a little trickier with this table because it had cross beams at the bottom of the legs {the “x”} which had to fit in perfectly before we secured the legs. The cross beams consisted of two 1×4 hickory boards glued to another.

I notched them out at the ends for a modified mortise and tennon joint.

I also had to measure out on the legs and chisel out a hole for the beam to set into.


Then you will have something like this {2 legs and a cross beam}:

Once I got all of the beams fitting like I wanted and measured out, we cut one cross beam in half to meet with the other beam.  I later secured them with a pocket hole underneath.

Then I attached the legs themselves to the table top with the apron. This is basically a 3 inch board that goes from leg to leg which also attaches to the table top, again using the Kraig jig. I just looked on other tables we had and tried to replicate how they were made. Because we set our legs in a little bit so your legs don’t hit them when you sit {thank you, commenters, for the suggestion!}, I wanted a little more stability to the tabletop itself.  I added an outer apron that isn’t connected to the legs but spanned almost the entire diameter of the table. Maybe a little overkill but it made me feel better.

Once everything was attached, we flipped it over and moved it into place. We wanted the edge to be a little more finished and thicker so we were thinking of adding some sort of old metal trim to the tabletop. We were thinking copper, but it is expensive. As we were walking through the home improvement store, we saw something we thought would work. We found two 8 ft sections of metal floor transitions-near the carpet section-that we could flip over {the backside doesn’t have the ridges-like below-which we used}.

It had a small bend in it and we wanted it flat so we pounded it out with a hammer to flatten the edge.

This bent it into a circle for us and gave it a little weathered look.

Jessie spray-painted it with brown metallic spray paint and it fit perfectly around the table.

We attached it with decorative upholstery tacks through the pre-drilled holes in the metal and we think it looks great.

Jessie put a second coat of stain on it to darken it up a little and there is the final product.

We currently have 6 chairs around the table, but can easily fit 8 so I think we are going to snatch up a couple more and add to the room.


And just because Pudge hasn’t been in a post in awhile, here is what he basically did the past few weeks while we worked on the table.

Isn’t this the weirdest napping position ever?

Anyway, if you have any questions about any of the materials or steps we used to build our table, leave a comment or send us an email and we’d be happy to answer!

Oh, and of course, you probably want to know how much it cost for us to do this. Drum roll please….

Grand total:  $250.  Pottery Barn version: $1,299.  I think we win:)

We also sold our old kitchen table for $140 {more than what we asked-it was a bidding war!} and the navy rug from the kitchen for another $20 so we actually spent a little less than $100 to make this thing happen.

What do you think?  Anyone inspired to build their own dining table now?  I’d love to hear your thoughts!




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  1. That looks amazing! I love the floor transition edge – what a great idea!

  2. Wow, you made this look so simple and easy! I’ve been a “silent” reader of yours for a while now and this is definitely a great project to consider :)

  3. WOW! I have always loved circular tables, and this one is perfect! Thanks for showing us how to do it, need to add it to the “honey do” list.

  4. Such a great idea for the edging.. And looks just like the PB version! Great job! I know u guys r thrilled to have it done!

  5. Love this.
    My husband wants a round table…I think we can do this! Going to send your post to him at work. :) Thanks for sharing.

  6. You guys did an awesome job with this, and it seems like a super helpful tutorial, too! I love that picture of your dog napping. He looks immensely uncomfortable to me but is obviously quite content. :)

  7. This looks like a project my hubby would enjoy doing.

  8. Wow…simply amazing! I am in awe! I am hosting a Link Party today and would love for you to add these, and anything else you like!

    Jessica @ Mom 4 Real

  9. This is seriously amazing! Such a great job!!!

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  12. Wow! That’s amazing!!

  13. Visiting from Centsational Girl’s blog..I am sooo impressed with your ingenuity..great job. The table turned out so beautiful, love the metal edge treatment. And you even cut out mortices and tenons for the legs, so many would never have done that. WOW !!

  14. Perfect!

  15. what do i think??!!!? i am screaming….: i cant believe she did it for a mere 200 bucks or so. ok, …. calmly: well done. very good. :-)

    come link it up at our link party:

  16. I am SO impressed! Way to go!

  17. It looks amazing and I love the metal trim and nail heads! You did a lot of work and made a family heirloom. you should be very proud!

  18. Cindy aka Sealion says:

    It look great! I am saving this project so hubby can make a shorter version as a coffee table for our family room. :)

  19. This looks fantastic. Great job. I would love one of these for the room I eventually want to make into a game room.

  20. Mary Beth says:

    Love the table! Really love the color on the walls! Mind sharing what it is??

  21. 1. This DIY is WAY over my head. So I bow to the master …

    2. Honestly, I like your table better than the PB version …

    3. The dining room is dreamy. Simple but stunning.

    4. Pinning will commence immediately after I post this comment ..

    5. Pudge cracks me up! I’m looking at my dog napping next to me in the strangest contorted position and think he can’t possibly be comfortable …



  22. innovative & beautiful

  23. What a gorgeous table and a great PB copy! I saw your thumbnail at Thrifty Decor Chick’s party and was drawn in by the huge wooden wall art – what a beautiful rustic room. While this table project was a big one, your tutorial makes it actually look doable. I’d love it if you’d share this at my Show & Tell party, going on now @ the Delectable Home!

  24. Hi, I love this table. Wonderful job. I want one for my small dining area as well. I have a couple of question though if you don’t mind. I’m very new to this but I think this is a doable project. I will be purchasing a Kreg Jig soon and want to use it to make a circular table. Did you draw the circumference of the circle before you screwed the boards together in any way? I saw the part with the jigsaw, but how did you make sure you didn’t hit any screws? Also, about how far apart did you place the pocket holes from one another? Are you worried about warping or off-leveling of the wood and how did you mitigate that? Thanks.

    • Jessie says:

      No, we didn’t draw the circle before we screwed it together. We knew how big our circumference was going to be so we just used enough boards to cover that area. Once we screwed it together, we did end up having to remove maybe 2 screws that were in our line of cutting and just moved them over a little. We probably put a screw in about every 10 inches. We had a friend tell us {who does woodwork} that if you use the right wood glue and clamps, you shouldn’t have warping or leveling issues. Hope that helps!

  25. Brad Ramey says:

    I love the table and I have a customer who has asked me to build one similar to this. Do you have any plans available for it or the measurements for the base? My customer has asked for a table that seats 8, so I’m thinking it needs to be a 6 foot diameter.

    • Unfortunately, we didn’t draw any plans up. You are welcome to follow the steps in the tutorial and make any adjustments you need for the size you will be building. Good luck and let me know if I can help!

  26. Rekke Berges says:

    I think I can do this! I want a round table that will fit 6-8 comfortably. What diameter did you build?

  27. This is completely gorgeous! We have an old table to redo for our dining room, and the top is marred. I’m thinking the table top that you did might be a solution for this, so thank you for the great tutorial–your table is lovely!

  28. hey this is the best table ever.. i would like to see if i could pull it of.. could i see a list of what i may need.. want to surprise the wife. thanks guys this is amazing!!

  29. Looks beautiful! My husband and I are going to tackle this project. We will sell the old one and build the new :0) I love the intimacy of a round table. Thank you for sharing!

  30. Hello- My husband and I LOVE your table. Thank you so much for sharing. We want to do something very similar using tongue/groove hardwood flooring boards we picked up for a steal. We will need to attach them to a backer board and are struggling with how to finish the edge. I think your idea of the carpet transition is neat. My question is- now that you have had it for a while do you see any issues with it? Is it a table you use daily? Is it pulling away from the edges at all or does food get stuck between the metal and wood? We have 4 kids and our current kitchen table has a grooved type edge (for lack of better description) that tends to accumulate stuff from wiping our table after daily use. I realize this is is lot of questions- I want our new table to be a “keeper”. Thanks again for sharing.

    • Laural-love your idea for using hardwood! It’s hard for me to answer your question as to how the edge would hold up because this isn’t our “everyday” table. This is in our dining room and only used when we have people over for dinner. It has held up great with our usage {no issues}, but it’s hard to say if you had little fingers pulling on it frequently:) Good luck with your build!

  31. Michelle O. says:

    Love the table! I was curious what is the diameter of the table? Also, have you been able to seat 8 around it comfortably or with this diameter would you stay with 6 chairs? Thanks so much for sharing!

    • Hi Michelle! It’s 60″ in diameter. We have squeezed 8 in a couple of times and it’s tight, but fits:) 6 is much more comfortable.

  32. This is great! What size hickory boards did you use?

  33. Great table! I plan on putting this together as I have been looking for a round table for family game nights. I do have a question about the hickory wood though. Where did you purchase it for $250? The lumber yards I’ve talked to generally only cut/stock hickory to 1.5 inches thick by 5.5 inches wide and they want around $1600 just for enough wood for the table top! Yikes! I’ve prices wood at Lowe’s in their only decent hardwood Red Oak and it would still be about $450 for the lumber. Any help or direction you can give as to where you got your wood would be so helpful! It truly is a beautiful table and excellent tutorial!

    • Hi Martin,
      We bought our wood at Menards. They seem to have the best prices for lumber around here. Good luck with your build!

  34. Okay, wood is prestained and drying in the garage. I had to go with a pine due to price, but like the distressed look, so not so worried about it. Can you tell me what size self-tapping screws you used. Plan to stain tomorrow, then glue and screw on Saturday morning. Also, do you have plans for the shelves behind the table in the picture? Wish me luck!!!

  35. Another question…my Dad said that the boards should be laid out with the grain alternating with each board. How do I tell which way the grain goes? It all looks the same to me:]

  36. I’m in love with your table, it’s SO pretty! Have been searching for just the right plan for months and this is IT! Finishing a pantry cabinet right now and I’m building this next. Thank you so much for the detailed plans!

  37. Two quick questions, what size boards did you use for the table top and what size screws did you use? This is a phenomenal table and I look forward to this as a winter project.

  38. Catherine says:

    I love the metal trim around the edge of the table! It looks beautiful!

  39. Heather Prough says:

    I LOVE your dog and love that you add him in your photos! You have a great talent. Love seeing all of your makeovers!

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  48. Thanks for finally writing about >Round Wood Table Tutorial <Loved it!


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