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When we made our concrete countertops last July, we had researched ways to finish them off and settled on some carnauba wax for the glossy, sealed finish.  It worked well, but in some of the creases and cracks the yellow color of the wax never completely disappeared.  After finding a great deal on a power buffer on Craigslist, Mike started researching around to see if there were other wax options out there for concrete countertops.  He ended up finding some through this website.  I decided to finally re-wax the counters this week and try out the buffer and new wax.  It is recommended to wax every 3-6 months to help keep your counters stain-resistant.  I followed the directions on the bottle and began by getting a damp cloth to wipe the wax on with.

Pour some wax on the counters…

And start wiping in a circular motion.

You can feel a tackiness on the counters after you wipe the wax on-the buffer will take care of this.  I turned our power buffer on and went back over the wax in a circular motion, making sure to cover the whole counter.

And that’s it!  It’s hard to tell much difference in appearance, but the counters are nice, shiny, and protected.

We also took some time to rejuvenate our butcher block counter on the island.  We used food-safe mineral oil, which you can order online inexpensively, to richen, disinfect, and clean our counter.  Grab a rag and just wipe it down with the oil.


It takes about 25 minutes to do both countertop surfaces.  These tips may not be applicable to everyone, but I wanted to give you all the updates on products/techniques we are using to preserve all our hard work in case you decide to go this route or already have similar counters.  And if you wondering, we love the concrete counters even more than the day they we installed them:)  Easy to clean and take care of and oh, so pretty.


  1. I have been waiting to put an island in our kitchen when we remodel it this summer/fall (of course if I find that perfect dinning room set I am hunting). I might just make use of our current table as our top to our island (it wont be a very large island due to space in kitchen, I am knocking down one wall to have room for it and more space) I might actually make use of the entire table for the island…. just framing up inside the legs and adding breadboard! oh Love the inspiration you have giving me!! thanks!!

  2. Laurie Buckley says:

    We’ve just sealed our concrete counters, but they stain with water. Our countertops our black, and when they get wet, the water leaves grayish spots. The spots go away, but I’m wondering if this is normal. We haven’t waxed them yet. Do we have a problem with the sealer or will the wax take care of this staining problem? Any advice is appreciated!

    • Hi Laurie,
      We haven’t had any issues with water staining our counters. I would say go ahead and add the wax if you can. The additional layer of protection may do the trick for you. Good luck!


  3. Hi, I live in Paris and am hesitating between moulding the tops the way you did or pouring them “in place”. I know the surface will be smoother if I go your way. I was wondering if you made a corner mold fir the part of the counter that has a corner or if you just have a “seam”. If so, how did you join the pieces and what kind of filler did you use? Thank you for your tutorial, it’s so helpful to have non professionnals post their experience!

    • You can read the 3 part tutorial we wrote that gives a good explanation of how we made the corner and the seam we have. The pictures help explain better!

  4. I’m doing concrete countertops right now and just curious how yours have held up and if you are satisfied with sealer and wax you used? Thanks, Dusty

    • We loved them. We recently built a new home but they were a big selling point when we sold the house. We never had issues with them staining, etc. so I would still recommend the sealer.

  5. Hi Jessie! Thank you so much for sharing your countertop project with us! We’re about to embark on this adventure ourselves and just wanted to know if you had any issues with cracking or stains from cooking? Great job and thanks again for sharing with us!

    • Hi Kristen! If you leave water or liquid on the counter for a long time {overnight or longer} it may leave a small stain but it really blends in with the variations in the counters. Other than that, no issues!

  6. Are you still liking your concrete counters after a few years? I’d love to hear how they have held up. Thanks!

    • Yes! Unfortunately, we are no longer in this house but we are getting ready to finish the basement in our new house and plan on putting them down there again! I love them!

  7. Stephanie Stanula says:

    Best tutorial that I have read so far thank you for sharing. A couple questions before we make our own. What type of screws did you use and which sealer the U-seal or fish stone acrylic?


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