DIY Roman Shade Tutorial and Closet Wrap-Up

I have a few last resources and tutorials to share on our closet today to finish off all of our DIY projects.  Be prepared for a random post filled with random tutorials and pics.  I’ll start with a simple roman shade tutorial.

We used the process from Homemade Ginger, but I’ll outline it for you below.

You’ll need the following supplies:

  • fabric {I used leftover fabric from the lining in our boxes, but for our 72″ long window, I would have needed a little over 2 yards}
  • cheap blinds
  • hot glue {or fabric glue}
  • scissors
  • measuring tape or yard stick

I used the blinds that were in the closet when we moved in for the bones of the roman shade.  You may remember them from this hideous “before” pictures:

We took those down and started by laying out the blinds in the living room.

Then you cut the strings that run down the blinds to remove the slats.  Cut the small strings that go between the slats, not the long string that runs vertically-you will need this one later!

Then cut the ends off of the strings.  Keep the little plastic end, you’ll tie it back on later.

Remove all the slats from string and save the string.  Next, you’ll need to decide how many folds you want in your shade.  Since our window was about 70″, we ended up putting a fold every 10″, but this is just a personal preference so adjust these measurements as needed.  Because we needed a slat every 10″, we saved 7 slats to create the folds {about 70″ total}.  Set the string and your chosen number of slats aside and get your fabric ready.  I started by hemming all four sides.  You could easily use hem tape if you don’t sew and get the same look.  Then we started attaching the slats to the fabric.  The tutorial we used said to use fabric glue, but I didn’t have any on hand. I probably should have just run out and bought some since that was what was recommended, but I thought we’d take a risk and just use hot glue.  I know, wild and crazy.  It worked just fine {ours is still holding strong a month later}.  However, if you are using a heavy, home decor fabric, I would probably recommend the fabric glue.  I think it’s got more hold to it.

First, measure out your fold width {again, for us this was 10″} and draw a straight line.  We had our level laying around so we just used that.

Glue your slats on the lines.

Once your slats are secure, pull the strings back through the holes so your blind is usable.

And retie the little plastic things on the end to keep the string from pulling through.

Because you need to have the strings in the front to be able to raise and lower the blind, glue the fabric to back of the top pull.

You are left with this…

Eek.  Unpretty plastic top.  Homemade Ginger came up with the perfect solution.  She created a little flap to glue around the top to cover the ugly plastic.

I only sewed the sides and bottom because the top will be wrapped around the plastic and not seen.  And that’s it!  It took us about an hour to complete this project and it looks sooo much better than the old cheap mini blinds.  Mike also trimmed out the window with some 1×2 boards for the sides and a 1×4 board for the top.  I think all the trim cost around $5 so definitely worth it.  We are planning on trimming out all of our other windows now with the same wood.  It’s clean, simple, modern and inexpensive.  Here is the final roman shade when the blinds are pulled up:

And since I apparently didn’t take any pictures with it all the way down, here is what it looks like partially down {ignore the wrinkles in our fabric wall, they have since smoothed out}:

Yes, it is a simple cotton fabric and you can see the slats through the sun.  You could easily line the shade or use a heavier home decor fabric instead.  I wanted a simple gray that wouldn’t compete with the fabric wall and be nice and light, so do whatever works for you!

And speaking of that fabric wall, head over to Real Housewives of Bucks County for lots of inspiration and a great tutorial.  We simply followed their lead on that project as well.

One last quick tutorial is the His and Hers stencils.  I simply found a font I liked and created a freezer paper stencil. I measured my area, found the center, and lightly taped up the letters.

Then painted them in with a craft brush.  I used leftover paint from our adjoining master bath.

Other resources…

We snatched our beautiful mirror from Menards on clearance for $15!  We weren’t even shopping for mirrors, but we couldn’t pass up that deal and it looks so nice on our blank wall.

And last but not least, those wooden hangers.  Oh my, wooden hangers.  I didn’t realize how much class wooden hangers add to a room.  Yep, it’s true.  They make our clothes hang better and are just so darn nice.  Getcha some.  We bought ours at Tarjay {Target, for you less fancy peeps out there}.

How’s that for a random hodge podge of tutorials and resources? I think I’ve officially talked about every detail of this closet makeover.  If there is something I missed, you probably missed it too:)  But feel free to let me know.

What was your favorite part of this whole shebang?  It’s hard for me to choose because I love it all so much, but I’m gonna go with the His and Hers wall.  Oh, and those wooden hangers.

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  1. Love that!! and I think I could even give that a try :) I have my first sewing machine class on Monday!! Woo hoo!

  2. shannon@vintagerestyled says:

    Great! I will give this a try!

  3. Jessie – great tutorial and the closet is beautiful! I’m going to include a link back in my DIY Project Parade highlights! ;)

    Thank you so much for sharing! Have a great weekend!

  4. How has the hot glue held up on the blinds? I worry about it not lasting over time…please help!

    • It hasn’t fallen apart:) However, we don’t put it up and down often since it’s in our closet so I’m not sure how helpful that is.


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