Closet Reveal

I can’t even begin to describe how excited I am to share this room with you all.  After planning, designing, and budgeting for a couple months, we spent about three weeks renovating the closet, working a few nights a week after work and a couple full weekends to complete this project. While the closet was being worked on, our house became quite the construction zone.  Tools in every room of the house, clothes in piles in the laundry room and our bedroom, and what seemed like clutter and mass chaos everywhere we looked.  I’m happy to say it’s done and our house is back to it’s old self.  But better.  With a new custom closet that we are in love with.  I almost hate to show these before pictures because it was atrocious.  We didn’t even realize how awful our closet situation was, but looking back at these pictures we realize this was much needed.  Clothes were just piled everywhere and it was completely unorganized.  I wish I could say I took these pictures on an abnormally messy day, but that would be a lie.  Try not to be too hard on us…

“Mike’s side” had hanging storage above, laundry baskets and a safe below, and piles of clothes and shoes all around.

My side was worse.  More piles of clothes everywhere.

We started this project by purging.  We took 10 bags of clothes to Goodwill and it felt awesome.  We didn’t wear half the clothes we had and they were just taking up space in an already cluttered area.  Here is the closet after clearing everything out.

Yes, this old dresser was part of the closet.  Really, it just added to the clutter.

This was the only shelving we had before.  We wanted something more practical for our needs.



Ok, you get the point  It was cluttered, claustrophobic, not functional, and just plain ugly.  Ready for the “after?”  I thought so:)  Warning:  not much talking and tons of pretty pictures ahead.





















Every inch of this closet was made by us.  From cutting and painting the wood for the shelves, to making the roman shade,  hanging the fabric wall, making our own pendant light, building the storage boxes for our clothes and laundry baskets to match, and adding little decorative touches to make it a beautiful space to get ready for the day.  I have lots of tutorials planned coming up to tell you how we overhauled this room, but today I’m going to go enjoy the closet:)

UPDATE: Tutorials have been posted!  See how we made the DIY storage boxes, DIY pendant light, and easy hat rack!  I also shared tutorials on our DIY Roman Shade, the custom shelving wall, and the hanging “His and Hers” side.




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  1. Jessica DeHart says:

    BEAUTIFUL! This is my favorite so far! Thanks for the inspiration! I would totally be sitting in my closet ALL day if this was mine :)

  2. love the his and her signs

    great job!!

    Natasha xx

  3. Looks really great, congrats.

  4. Looks great!


  5. Maggie B. says:

    Wow! Looks really awesome. You guys should be very proud…

  6. WOWZERS – what a difference! It looks fantastic!

  7. Wonderful! It is so crisp and super organized! I had a major closet fail quite a few months ago and re-did my closet. I am much happier now that I can find everything easily! Thanks for sharing your lovely photos. I hopped on over from Made by you Mondays.

    • Thanks, Donna! It’s amazing how big of a difference an organized, clutter-free closet makes, isn’t it? Congrats on completely yours!

  8. Wow!! It looks fantastic! I am SO jealous…our closet is an absolute disaster. A total redo is in the works soon. (I hope!) Awesome job!!

  9. Amanda siebert says:

    The closet looks great!! Your design skills would make ty pennington jealous!

  10. Wow, that is a huge transformation. I give you so much credit for making it so pretty and organized! I host a party on Fridays and I would love if you linked up!

  11. Deana Letko says:

    What a huge difference!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WOW

  12. LOVELY! YAY!

  13. Nice closet!! Tell me, where did you find those boxes with rope handles and chalkboard labels? They’re fantastic!

  14. wow!! looks awesome!!! share on my blog if you’d like:

  15. LOVE this! So clean and crisp. I am pining the baskets. Great idea and I love how easy they would be to change.

  16. What an awesome transformation! Great job! I am pinning this an facebooking it. :)


  17. This looks amazing! We are working on our closet right now – I love what you did and that everything was made by you!

  18. This is fabulous…so tidy and with personality. I wish I would have remembered to take before photos before our mini makeover. Well done!
    Have a great weekend,
    Mary Ann

  19. wow! you did such a good job!!!

  20. Great job, Jessie! I love your pretty accents and that it’s all so organized now!

  21. Well done! I would love if you share this project on SaMiE’s first ever SURPRISE linky party! Here’s the link


  22. Fantastic job! We redid our walk-in closet last summer, and I LOVE it now.

    And look at you and your uber-organized chalkboard paint self.

    Cute, cute!

    I would be thrilled if you would link this up at my second ever Feature Friday FREE-FOR-ALL…going on right now (we had almost 300 links last week…can you tell I’m excited??! : ))

    Would love to have you by for a visit!

    P.S. I’m a new follower. : )

    ~Abbie (

  23. Sorry! Meant to delete the “new follower” part. Ah, the joys of trying to save yourself time and not because of the follower-up “I’m a doofus” comments you have to leave! : )

    • Haha those shortcuts will get ya:) I linked up to your party! Thanks for coming by…again:) Oh, and your closet makeover is gorgeous!!

  24. bravo! *shrinks away with closet shame*

    visiting via MMS and would be thrilled if you stopped over to my kate spade/vintage necklace giveaway!



  25. Wow! Your closet looks amazing! What a fantastic transformation. I can only hope that you’ve been keeping up with it and making sure it stays that organized after all the hard work you did.

    I recently did my closet as well, and it’s hard to not be lazy! You can read about it here:
    Closet Revamp

    • Haha me too:) The good thing is, there isn’t much room to just throw things like in our old setup. Everything has a place and, so far, we’ve been very good! Thanks for stopping by!

  26. Chef in Training says:

    Oh my gosh! I am in love with your redo! It looks AMAZING! I would love it if you would link this up to the Tuesday Talent Show this Tuesday at Chef in Training! I hope to see you next Tuesday!
    Chef in Training

  27. This is amazing. I don’t want to show my closet now…yours looks so much better!!

  28. So digging everything about this organized closet!!!! I guess I should comment on the curtains seeing as how I just came from The CSI Project link party but man this looks awesome! I made some simple burlap curtains for my massive windows


  29. Your closet puts mine to shame even after my makeover! Great job!

  30. I am definitely experiencing closet envy!

  31. Wow, so organized. Love those chalkboard labels!
    Thanks so much for linking up. Be sure to grab a button and check our facebook page for weekly winners and contest updates! :)

  32. Loving the handmade boxes labelled and all to keep everything so tidy


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    Closet Reveal

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