A Day of Random Thoughts

Let’s pretend we’re good friends chatting today.  You know when you call a friend and talk about all the random things that have been on your mind since you last talked?  That’s what today is.

Remember when I introduced you to Angela from Lemonseed & Co. Stationary?

She was on the Today Show today!  Sabrina Soto did a segment on guessing which item was the deal and which was the high ticket item and Angela’s chevron cards were featured.  So cool!  You can check out her segment here.

Mike and I are having our families over for a pre-Christmas Christmas dinner tonight, since we don’t all get all the in-laws together for the holidays.  Here’s what we’re serving:

Cheesy Chicken Lasagna

And this delicious-looking Sopapilla Cheesecake.  I fixed it last night {hair appointment after school today} and it smelled heavenly.

Have you bought your copy of the Dating Divas’s ebook yet?  The special is still going on through the end of the month so get your copy before it’s too late.  I just got mine and plan on diving in over the weekend.

I have been following the beautiful Ashley over at Lil Blue Boo for awhile now, reading and trying out some of her amazing sewing and crafty tutorials.  Her blog has taken a more serious note lately with some beautiful writing about life and struggles.  If you don’t know her story and current battle with cancer, you need to.  She is such an inspiration.  If you think you’ve got problems or are letting the little things {or big things} get you down, I promise this will bring you right out of it.  If nothing else, click over and read her Choose Joy page.  You’ll be glad you did.

Here’s one of my favorite quotes Ashley has shared lately:

“When you look back on your life, it looks as though it were a plot, but when you are in it, it’s a mess: just one surprise after another.  Then, later, you see it was perfect.” -Schopenhauer

Ok, I’ve talked enough.  Anyone have any random, cool, inspiring, or fun things they want to share?  A one-sided conversation isn’t all that interesting:)


  1. Cute post! Love your blog!

  2. Oui la politique Française, vaste, même tres vaste, ou sont les idées ?

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