Guest Post: Pennywise Presents


Happy Halloween! I’m over at Infarrantly Creative today guest posting for Becki’s Pennywise Presents series where she will be sharing great gift ideas for under $10 through the month of November. See what these shoes inspired me to make for your home over at Infarrantly Creative!

The Big 3-0

mike and pudge

The most wonderful person in the world is having a big birthday today…Mike is turning 30!  We are headed down to Nashville, TN with a group of friends for some honky tonk Halloween fun and to see the Colts lose play the Titans.  It should be a great weekend and I’m excited to spend a […]

iPhone Makeover-Glittery Goodness

glitter iphone 1

Ok, round 2.  My first iPhone case makeover was slightly disappointing.  I loved the color combo and the fact that it had a cute little monogram, but there were imperfections.  I am clearly no perfectionist but for some reason that case just never felt finished or right or something. Is it weird that I think […]

30 Day Photo Challenge-Week 3

long exposure

*Update:  I posted this before the schedule changed so I’m aware I have more than what was needed…just call me an annoying overachiever:)  I’m back again with another round of my attempts at photography, linking up with Michelle‘s challenge.   This week is Days 14-21.  Here’s a reminder of the challenge list in case you […]

Linen and Lace Infinity Scarf

close up infinity scarf

I whipped up this infinity scarf last night with some leftover linen fabric I had.  It’s a great fall color so it’s perfect for a lightweight scarf.  The basic pattern of the scarf is almost the same as my super simple t-shirt headband.  Start by cutting fabric {mine was about 46 inches in length} and […]

Austin, TX Decor

model home couch

Being a teacher has some great perks {besides molding little minds everyday} and one of those is fall break:)  We had last Thursday and Friday off so I took a girls trip with my mom and bff from forever, Amanda, down to Austin, TX to visit Amanda’s parents, aka, my mom’s bff, who moved there […]

Inspiration: Closets

closet 5

The dining room isn’t even finished yet but I’m already dreaming of our next project {I can hear Mike cringing already}.  Drumroll please…master closet makeover!  Sounds fun, right?  I want some organization and prettiness in there.  As much as I would like to share dream closets, I need some realistic inspiration so here are some […]

Super Simple T-Shirt Headband

lace t shirt headband

This is probably one of the easiest projects I’ve ever done.  This basic t-shirt headband can be bought at CVS {5 for $6} but if you have some old shirts laying around and about 15 minutes, you can make some for free.  I started with an old shirt from one of my favorite places in […]