Inspiration: Bathrooms

We aren’t working on any big changes in our master bath anytime soon, but for some reason I’ve been drawn to bathroom pins on Pinterest lately.  Here are some that have me dreaming…

Love how rustic this vanity and sink are:

No words necessary…

I think I could sit in this tub for hours.  Wouldn’t you feel squeaky clean just walking in here?

This looks sooo relaxing:

And since we all love a good barn door:

I would pay good money for those gorgeous floors:

So streamlined, yet rustic:

Love the idea of a window you can open.  Fresh air while showering?  Sounds amazing.

If I could have any shower in the world, I think this might just be it.

The river rock floor almost makes you feel like you’re outside:

This vanity is right up my alley.

Stone bathtub.  Enough said.

This trough sink is awesome:

Maybe we could make our own concrete version:

Ahhh.  Just makes you want to climb in the tub and relax for awhile.  So I’ve shared my inspiration.  What have you been dreaming of lately?


  1. I have a few of these bathrooms pinned as well although we’re never doing bathroom updates in this house (it’ll be a while before I get my husband to do any sort of big updates! baby steps…).

    I have been dreaming of a kitchen island. I think it would be super easy to do something, well, super easy. I’m thinking a six-drawer dresser and then adding a counter top of some kind. I’m really dreaming about butcher block.

    • That’s so funny you say that because we are currently working on our island counter! We already had our island {with a laminate counter} and got an amazing deal at Ikea-a 4′ by 6′ butcher block for $10!!! It was in the “as-is” section so if you have an Ikea close by, I would recommend checking it out! We’ll be sharing ours next week!

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