Dining Room Update: Curtains

When we were in Chicago for our friend’s wedding a couple weeks ago, Mike and I made a little suburban run to Ikea.  Our closest Ikea is about an hour and a half away so we decided to stop at one in Chicago while we were up there to pick up the curtains I talked about earlier. We wandered around the textile area, scouring all the curtains to make sure we liked the ones we had picked online, and surprisingly enough, they were still our favorites.  Before I show you our new curtains, here’s what the dining room looked like originally {after we painted}:

Last year, I pulled the cheapo Target curtains from our bedroom when I sewed the coral print curtains, and hot glued them above the windows:

And the walls:

They worked fine for awhile, but don’t really go with anything in there and definitely don’t jive with the updates we are currently making so getting new ones was on the must-do list.  I considered making some, but realistically these Ikea ones fit into my budget and took a lot less work:)

They are a creamy color with a charcoal pattern which matches our color scheme perfectly {our silverware artwork has those colors also}.



We hung them a little wider than the windows and at a length where they pooled slightly:

These are the only window treatments in our house that I didn’t make but I don’t love them any less than the others hanging around;)


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