Build Your Own Bed

Some friends of ours {who are also big Dave Ramsey followers} wanted to update their master bedroom without busting their budget.  One big update they wanted to make was their bed.  They had their mattress sitting on the floor for far too long so they decided rather than buying one, they would make their own.  Problem was they weren’t sure exactly how to build a bed so they called Mike up to come over and help them figure out what to do:)  I’ll let him explain from here.

Daniel had a plan in mind. He had a picture of a bed that he wanted to replicate but wasn’t sure if it was possible. Once he showed it to me, it actually did look possible, and not really that hard at all, as it turned out. Now, we are not talking about finished wood, dovetailed joints, and showroom worthy. It did fit what he was looking for though… kind of rustic, simple platform bed that looked cool but also did not cost a ton.

We started by going to the store and getting the wood…after making all the measurements and calculations first of course:) He wanted the frame sturdy and a little bulky so we used 4×4’s.

So we basically made a big square out of these boards and attached the 4×4 legs to each corner. We used L-brackets at the leg/frame junction for extra support but mostly just used a bunch of screws.

Once the base frame was complete and solid, I think you could have parked a car on it.

Once you get the base made solid, its all downhill from there. We used 1×6 boards for the slats to act as the box springs. They wanted the platform bed look so they were going to put the mattress directly on the frame. We space the 1×6’s every few inches and screwed them into the frame sides. Since a 1×6 is not a super sturdy board, you will need to put a brace in the middle of the board to keep it (and you) from falling to the floor. We used smaller cuts of the 4×4 for these braces as well and screwed them to the slats.

You now have a functional bed frame for a grand total of $84! You can “church it up” if you want by sanding and paint and other fancies, but the platform frame is set. It was the first bed frame we had ever tried but I wasn’t that worried about it turning out since I wasn’t the one sleeping in it :) He assured me that after a few months, it is still sturdy and has had no problems. Here is the final product that Daniel and I built, along with some key help from his 2 1/2 year old son Dallas:

From there, it was time for Emily to put her stamp on it.  Rather than buying or making a headboard, Emily had painted a circle using leftover paint she had sitting around, and filled the circle with some fun mirrors and pictures {prior to building the bed}.  One final touch they wanted to add was nightstands.  They decided to just add shelves on either side of their bed to hold water, books, etc. for a simple, yet functional style.  After scoring some new bedding at a great deal, and adding their own style, here is their new bed.

I think they are very happy with the final result and are enjoying their new “real” bed.

So, have you ever made a bed?  Think you’ll use Mike’s tutorial?  Anyone want to hire him out to build a bed for you {just kidding, sort of}?


  1. Love the frame. We have done this a little different, but this way looks some much easier and cheaper. LOL

    Enjoyed your post. Thanks for sharing.


  2. Love the post! Thanks for all your help and including us on your blog!

  3. What are the measurements?


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