DIY Kitchen Accessories

Today is the last post in the kitchen how-to’s and I’m a little sad to not be writing about it anymore.  At least I still get to look at it everyday:)

Today I’m going to share how I made a few accessories for the kitchen.  I would still like to find some cool, industrial, vintage signs to hang in there at some point but for now I we’ll focus on a few small additions to the kitchen. I spent $6 on two teacups, a saucer, a coffee jar, and a pitcher.  If you didn’t already know, Goodwill has 50% off the whole store the first Saturday of each month-great time to stock up on random junk.  I started by spraying it all with Rustoleum’s Heirloom White {leftover from the trunk}.

For my cute little teacups, I hot glued them together for a little whimsy.

Then, I just threw them up on the shelves and they were good to go.

For the second shelf, I put on the coffee jar and a few vases from my cousin’s wedding.  These were handmade for the wedding and given as favors.

They all look great together, especially when the sun is shining.

The other handmade item I made was the skirt for the sink.  I had seen skirts under apron front sinks before and loved the look but hadn’t decided if I wanted to part with my doors or not.  This made the decision:

Once we removed the fake drawer fronts, we were left with these lovely gaps. Perfect.  Not.  But it gave me some motivation to sew a little skirt.  I decided to take the leftover fabric from the built-in desk and make a two-layer skirt.  I started by hemming all the sides on both pieces.

Then I gathered the top of each piece using this method.  I attached the top layer by hot gluing velcro onto the fabric and onto the cabinets.

The bottom is attached underneath the first.  I can take one or both off to wash whenever I need to.

Simple, pretty, and effective. And it ties the desk in with this area of the kitchen.

The last item that I haven’t talked about yet is our beautiful faucet.  This is one of my favorite parts of the kitchen.  Partly because it’s so pretty and partly because it’s so fun to use.

It’s like the gorgeous piece of jewelry that finished the look off.  After much debate on what kind of faucet look we wanted, we ended up ordering this guy from Faucets Direct for an awesome price.  It came within a week, was pretty simple to install {as far as I could see from watching Mike crawl under the sink to plumb it all out}, and works great.

Well I guess that’s it.  No more kitchen posts.  At least for awhile.  What’s next you ask?  Well, I am in the process of making-over our master bedroom.  Think rustic, romantic, and neutral.  It’s gonna be gorgeous.


  1. I love the rustic little shelves where you’re displaying your Goodwill finds. Actually I love your whole kitchen… :)

  2. I am so glad that I found your site! As part of the younger generation looking to buy a house in a year or two, it is great to see someone fixing up those nice, newer, and affordable houses and making them original! I love interior design and am itching to try a project myself. I can’t wait to use your advice to fix up a place of my own!

    • Hi Lauren!
      Thanks:) That’s awesome that you are saving ideas already. I wish I would have done that-I wouldn’t be repainting every room like I am now:)

  3. I was wondering if your faucet is still doing good and does it leak I am getting ready to purchase one like it and I already have a pot filler and it is some what cheap and it does leak I need to purchase a new one also,,,, Your home is beautiful

    Thanks A Bunch

    • Hi Tami!
      We love our faucet. We haven’t had any leaking problems and it has worked great. We would highly recommend it!


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