The big kitchen reveal!!!

The day has finally arrived…the kitchen is done! It was a month-long process but worth every minute.  Here is the first picture we took of the kitchen, the day we first walked through the house {you can read about our baby steps from last year here, herehere, and here}.

And here it is in all it’s shiny glory today

And updated again with our island makeover and trash can cover. {3/18/12}

This entire kitchen was made by us for less than $1,000!  DIY everything.  This is what we did:

  • painted cabinets
  • installed subway tile backsplash
  • made concrete counters!!!
  • installed apron front sink
  • installed 360 degree faucet
  • added sink skirt
  • redid island
  • added accessories
  • put beadboard on our cabinets

The counters are by far my favorite things.  Partly because they are soooo pretty and partly because of all the work we put into them {we’re proud parents of those gorgeous things}.  I’m going to keep this one short on words and big on pics. Check out all the details of our kitchen makeover.





















Even Pudge loves it.

I have tons of tutorials planned on how we got this room finished {including 3 different posts on how to make your own concrete counters}, the price breakdown, resource list, and of course, more pics, but today, let’s just enjoy it’s beauty:)

PS-if you have any specific questions you would like answered, feel free to leave a comment and I will do my best to answer them in upcoming posts!

UPDATE:  Here are all the tutorials:

Counters Part 1

Counters Part 2

Counters Part 3

Kitchen Benches {Bench 1 and Bench 2}

Painted Striped Rug

Countertop Care

Kitchen Accessories

DIY Subway Tile Backsplash

Painted Kitchen Cabinets Tutorial

Kitchen Island Update

Trash Can Cover






  1. Amazing! I have so many ideas of what I want to do to my current home, but hubby and I need to discuss how long we think we’re staying here. Initially, we thought 5 years max – it’s a starter neighborhood, although our home is big enough we could stay a long time. It’s already been 4 years and it’s flown by. I’m not sure I’m ready to leave all the work we’ve already done. Torn.

  2. It looks beautiful!!!! Wow, I am super impressed! I am SO interested in your DIY concrete countertops. Granite is not really in our budget, but we are aching for a change to ours. Can’t wait for the tutorial! Sounds like a lot of wok but TOTALLY worth it.

    • Thanks, Lauren! We were in the same boat budget-wise and these turned out gorgeous {and definitely worth all the work}. Not only are they affordable to do yourself, but I think I love them more than I would if we would have gone out and bought some because we made them ourselves:) I hope to have step 1 of 3 for the tutorial posted tomorrow so come back!


  3. Fay Sanchez says:

    I love your kitchen. I cannot wait until you give us more details on the steps you took to paint your cabinets. I want to paint my cabinets so bad! I have the same track house cabinets and would love for mine to come out as great as your cabinets. I’ll be waiting for the tutorial. Thanks for a great blog.

    • Thanks, Fay! I will probably be posting on the cabinets early next week so make sure you come back!


      • Yay! I want to read about how you painted your cabinets too!! They look factory painted, so I’m really excited to hear about your process. I’m staying tuned!!

  4. Angela Jones says:

    It looks just beautiful! All of your hard work has definitely paid off! I am still amazed at the concrete counter tops and the high end look it gives just like granite! You can also be assured the price of your home has gone up! Great job you two!!!

  5. Wow! It looks great. We are about 75% done with our kitchen makeover. It is so nice when it is all done since we seem to spend so much time in there!

    • It will definitely be nice to have it all done:) I know the feeling! Good luck with the rest of your makeover!


  6. Wow! Love it! I want to be able to read about your tutorial on how to make concrete counter tops, but I can’t follow you because you don’t have a follow button. It there another way I can follow and be able to read your other post when you post the?

    • Hi Tammy!
      Underneath my picture on the right hand side of the home page are a couple ways you can stay connected. You can subscribe by email, subscribe in a reader, follow through Google Friend Connect, or follow my facebook and twitter pages. I hope the tutorials will be useful to you! Thanks for checking them out:)


  7. Jessica says:

    Very pretty. My husband and I have been talking about doing concrete countertops.

  8. Ohhhhh, so lovely. Beautiful! I am dying – DYING! – to put concrete counters into our kitchen and can’t wait for future posts!

  9. Beautiful. Love the island. Visiting you from Tip Junkie‘s link party. Would love to have you link this up to my {wow me} wednesday link party going on right now over on my blog. Hope to see you there. :)


  10. I just found your blog today and it was perfect timing! My husband and I are kicking around the idea of a kitchen redo later this summer/fall and really wanted to do concrete countertops but didn’t want to pay someone to make them for us. I can’t wait to read all the tutorials!

  11. Hi Jessie,

    Beautiful job! I’m in the model of a kitchen upgrade myself (painting walls after removing awful wood paneling and painting open shelving white). I’m currently debating between the white subway backsplash and beadboarding. I love that you put the beadboarding on the bottom end cabinets. Did you do the top end cabinets as well? I’m also looking forward to the concrete counter post.


    • Hi Kate!
      Yes, we put the beadboard on all ends of the cabinets {upper and lower}. I’ll put up some more detailed pics of that when I post on how I painted our cabinets next week. We used to have a beadboard backsplash and really liked it but once we decided on the concrete counters, we thought something a little shinier might pop a little more. I’m sure whatever you choose will look great. Good luck!

  12. congrats on a job well done.
    Beautiful kitchen!

  13. Wow you guys did a beautiful job!!

  14. Deana Letko says:

    Once again……you have totally amazed me!!!!! WOW :-)

  15. Ohhhh. Ahhh. Love your changes. So fantastic.

  16. Paula M. says:

    Wonderful job! Goodbye, dated-looking brown; hello, sparkling fresh white paint. Love the accents of the beadboard, etc, and I’m super-impressed you did the concrete countertops yourselves! They’re also a nice change from granite, I think.

    Count me among the people who’ll be coming back to your blog for some tips on painting the cabinets. I have white cabinets, but the painted-white-by-prior-owners interiors in particular REALLY need help, so I’m always looking for tips on how to get a good paint effect without too much stress … (though I guess I should ask: Did you paint the cabinet exteriors only, or the interiors as well? Your cabinets look in better shape than mine, so maybe your interiors are fine left unpainted.)

  17. Merlynn W. says:

    WoW!!! You did a GREAT job. You should be very proud of your selves. It’s just wonderful, I’m jealous.

  18. WOW! What a change and the assortment of great photos really tell the story. Thanks for sharing!

    Visiting from MMS Linky Party tonight :)

  19. Wow! I can’t wait for you concrete counter top tutorials!! Your kitchen looks so great!

  20. Absolutely beautiful! Great job! TFS

  21. This could not of come at a better time. My hubby and I are talking about putting in concrete countertops!! Yours look fabulous. Question- I have looked at the tutorial and I do not see how you went around your sink. Is it 3 different pieces? Also, what if you have a standard sink would you make the mold with a hole in the center or cut it out later? Excellent tutorials…I can not wait for hubby to see this!!

    • Hi Maridith!
      Thanks for asking about the sink-I should have addressed that. Because we bought the new apron front sink, we just made two slabs on either side and one skinny piece for it to rest upon on the back, so yes, it is three different pieces. Our original plan with our old sink was to just create one big mold and then create a cut out for the sink before we poured. You can see an example of what I am talking about in this video: I hope that helps! Good luck-I would love to see your counters when they are done!

  22. Looks fantastic, I’m just starting on a similar project and seeing your finished project is encouraging. Thanks for sharing.

  23. We did concrete countertops ourselves nearly 5 years ago and still love them. They were inexpensive for us, but they provide so much character in our kitchen. It is one of the first things people comment about in our house. Hope you love them too!

    • Hello,
      I’ve been checking out these concrete counter tutorials and and am curious about care and how they hold up. So, now it’s been about 8 years…how have they held up? Do you seal them regularly? Thanks so much.

      • Hi Annetta,
        The counters were done in 2011. We moved out of that home a few months ago, but for the couple of years that we lived with them we loved them. We did seal them about once a year. We didn’t have any issues with stains, cracks, etc.

  24. Your counters are absolutely gorgeous! I would love to try that but am very afraid, that looks like a ton of work! Well Done!

  25. I die over those handmade countertops and farmhouse sink! You did an amazing job!

  26. Love it! Your kitchen is gorgeous. I’ve even pinned it so I can refer back to it later :) Love the counters!

  27. I can’t wait for the tutorials! This room is beautiful:)

  28. Your kitchen makeover is absolutely gorgeous…I’m hoping to finish mine one day and I hope its as nice as yours. Oh yeah, Im stopping by via SITS. Have a great weekend!

  29. Wow, you really did a beautiful job!! I’m not brave enough to do this to my counters, but I definitely commend you for it. I do want to paint my cupboards white though. Maybe you could post a tutorial. ?
    Love your sink and the desk idea too. Looks gorgeous!

  30. Love it! We are going to give it a try too.

  31. I AM SO HAPPY YOU’RE GOING TO DO A TUTORIAL ON THE CONCRETE COUNTERTOPS!!! We have been wanting to learn how to do it :) Will look forward to the instructions.

  32. Beautiful job! We have been debating doing concrete countertops in the rent house we are redoing. Yours is so gorgeous!

  33. Love your kitchen remodeling job! I was wondering if you could tell us what the exact color names were that you used one where your table is? can’t wait for your tutorial on concrete counters…

  34. It’s beautiful! And that’s my kind of price tag! Can’t wait to hear more details…especially about those countertops!

  35. Was there any concern about the weight of the counters? Any special reinforcing needed on the base cabinets? Love them. I would love new counters, and these might fit in the budget.

    • We did not reinforce the cabinets. We considered it, but after some research and knowing that we have good, quality cabinets, we decided that our cabinets should be strong enough to support them. I hope you try them! They are worth the effort:)

  36. this is totally what i needed to see today! what a great idea!!!! one question: how did you attach them to the cabinets? how do you think an “overhang” on an island (you know with stools underneath) how would that work? woudl it be strong enough to withstand kids leaning on it etc?

  37. Michele says:

    Amazing job! I’m new to blogging. Where are the details of how you painted the cabinets? I’m wanting to do the same thing. did you have to sand the cabinets down? Also the counter tops are amazing. Did you post the details on how you made them? Your before kitchen looks exactly like mine. You have inspired me!! -Michele

  38. $1000?! That’s IT? It looks amazing! I found you via Thrifty Decor Chick’s linkup and I’ll be following along and checking your kitchen upgrades (we’ve got a builder kitchen that looks very similar to your before.) Congrats on finishing your lovely kitchen!

  39. Fantastic job on the kitchen!!!

  40. Your kitchen looks great…found this b/c i did a google image search with keywords “kitchen with gray concrete counters and white cabinets.” We are wrapping up our reno and putting in those same finishes – now in the grinding and polishing phase of our countertops.

    I am very curious to know how you finished yours! I just love how you achieved the perfect balance btwn. the smooth and industrial characteristics of concrete. They look amazing.

  41. Love it….
    this is a beautiful finish, Never thought I would say this about concrete in the kitchen. But I do love the look.

  42. I can’t wait to hear everything about you countertops! it looks fantastic! I would love to try it in our kitchen

  43. Beautiful! i love the concrete counters, planning on doing them myself. Did you use any tints in the concrete or is that the natural color?

  44. You have finally convinced me!! I love the entire kitchen. I have wanted to paint my cabinets for a long time but not sure how. I would love to know your trick – I also love the beadboard and have thought of doing the same thing. Can you tell me how you did the bead board?

    Your kitchen is BEAUTIFUL!

  45. Once again…Convinced! I actually saw this (counter tops made of concrete on a DIY show years ago, Stone something, anyhow) I thought “self you can do that when we buy our house” here we are finally in our house (first time homeowners!) and ready to make it our home….so I came across your blog while looking for some idea on DIY decor and what-nots….now I know this is so possible for me and my hubs. The show I watched was more complex they made curves and had also needed to add holes for faucets! Now that I have seen this done with an apron sink I know its what I want…I have already picked out my apron sink! Can not wait to enjoy my high-end low coast kitchen…just like you!

  46. Brittany W says:

    I love your kitchen! I am always looking for diy for what I want to do with my kitchen and yours is almost exactly what I envision! I have two big dogs who love to get into the trash, what you’ve done with yours is perfect!

    I’ll probably be using most of your tutorials when we are doing our kitchen!


  47. I love your kitchen!! If you don’t mind where did you find that sink. The concrete countertop and farmhouse sink is an amazing combination that I want to put in our house.

    • Thanks, Kayla! We actually special ordered it from Menards. You can find it online on their website or at the special order kiosk in the store.

  48. I’d love to hear how your finishing/sealing method has held up after a couple years. I’m getting ready to pour a countertop and I’ve read a lot about the need for proper sealing. Thanks!

  49. I LOVE these counters!!! Nice works :) My question is can you set a hot pan (right off the stove or out of the oven) without using a pot holder? I am always scrambling around to find a pot holder and would love to just set a hot dish on the counters without ruining them!

    • Hi Stacia! Thanks:) Yes and no. The concrete won’t get hurt with hot pots but it can burn off the sealant. I have put hot things on before for a short time and there hasn’t been any damage.

  50. Christina Alexander says:

    hey there! This is is a totally random question, but did you include an overhang on the front and sides of the cabinet? it is hard to tell in the pictures but i think you did. If so, do you remember how much? Thank you for your help!

  51.  you really did a beautiful job! I love how bright & fresh everything looks. thanks for sharing and keep sharing more blogs.

  52. This kitchen is absolutely breathtaking! I love everything about it!and I know you are so proud of it! :)

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