FFF: How to be a flea market shopper

Flea markets, Goodwill, yard sales.  All great resources for decorating your home on a budget.  However, it isn’t as easy as running to the nearest home decor store and buying exactly what you are looking for.  What fun is that anyway?

As I recently mentioned, I accessorized the entire loft {including the awesome old window} for $25.  You couldn’t buy one of these items in a store for that price.  Going to yard sales or flea markets can be overwhelming, but it is so satisfying to find unique pieces that are super cheap and fixing them up to fit your style.

Here are some things I’ve learned when searching through other people’s “junk”:

  • Be patient.  You may be looking for a certain item {dresser, old suitcase, funky lamp} and can’t find it.  Thrift shopping is not quite as easy as running to Target to buy a picture frame.  The item you are looking for may simply not be there the day you go.  Be patient and persistent and eventually you will find what you need.  Just don’t have the expectation of finding it this weekend.
  • Be creative.  I wanted to accessorize the loft with bright green and white items.  Think I’m going to find a bunch of apple green knick knacks?  Nope.  Look at shapes and sizes of items and think of how you can adjust them to fit your style.  Things change drastically with a coat of paint or a a few yards of fabric.
  • Be open-minded.  Sometimes it’s good to take a friend {or spouse} with you.  We have been at a flea market before and Mike saw something that I would have walked right past.  Sometimes it takes another perspective to change your mind on something.  Have an overall idea of what you want and be willing to adjust it as you go.

So, go find your nearest thrift store/garage sale/flea market and shop away.  You’ll be amazed and what you can buy for supa cheap.


  1. Melissa GC says:

    Hey Jessie…where are some good flea markets that you go to? I am trying to find some and keep hitting up the same places. Thanks!

  2. Hi Melissa! The one I go to most often is a flea market/antique shop called the Emporium. It’s at the corner of 135 and County Line. A lot of the booths change their merchandise often so they have lots of new stuff.

  3. Hi, ladies! Jessie, have you guys been to the Flea Market on US31 near Whiteland? It’s in a barn just off the road. It looks a little run down, but you never know??!! There is also one in Bargersville (I think it is every weekend) at the intersection of 135 and 44. I’ve never been but I’ve seen it a few times and heard good things about it. Hope this helps…good luck!

    • Yes, I’ve seen that one but never stopped! Maybe I’ll make a trip down to Bargersville and Whiteland this week and check them out:)

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