Financial Freedom Fridays-April Wrap-Up


Another month down and lots of updates happened around the Hyde household.  Here’s a little refresher of what we accomplished this month and the budget breakdown. Slipcover madness! Our free love seat and ottomans and our sectional all got makeovers this month.  We had originally thought about purchasing new furniture for our living room with […]

Guest Post-Funkytime

funkytime shoes

Happy Thursday!  I’m excited to have a fun, funky, guest blogger today to share some of her favorite posts with you all.  Sibylle is an amazing photographer and creative blogger that I think you will all love. Hello to all of the Imperfectly Polished awesome readers! See the pic below? That would be me. My […]

Master Bedroom


It’s starting to get warmer around here which means the heat is off and we are enjoying living with our windows open.  This of course only happens on days when it’s not pouring down rain, which are far and few between here recently.  Anyway, we try to go without heat and air as much as […]

Mike’s Work Bench


Since I’m roping Mike into all these projects, he has decided to create a little more workspace for himself in the garage.  This sweet work area came with the house but Mike wanted to expand his work space. Before: As you can see, we have lots of crap so he could use a little more […]

Accent Pillows


I love our new slipcover, but I wanted to add a little fun and color to it also.  I made this soft, cuddly, vibrant one using this tutorial: I used a mustard yellow jersey knit fabric.  We’ll see how long it lasts with Pudge around.  He’s been eyeing that pillow as his next victim. Then […]

Secrets of a Sectional Slipcover


There are some really soupy secrets behind the beauty of this beast: Ok, well maybe nto all that soupy but there are definitely some tips, tricks, and stories I want to share with you all.  Sorry again about all the wrinkles.  I am so lazy and have had no motivation to steam it yet.  I […]

Sectional Slipcover


Well it took me a whole weekend but I got our sectional slipcovered!  I used the same gray as our love seat and added some white and gray pillows, along with the existing cream colored ones.  Here it is before, brown, blah, and boring: And here it is now: Pudge is clearly determined to be […]

Financial Freedom Friday-Frugal Finds

sewing desk

5 F words in one title.  Pretty impressive, huh?  And they are all nice:) Today I want to talk about where/how to furnish your home on a tight budget.  Obviously all the projects you see here are done inexpensively and you can find the price on each post but I wanted to give you a […]