DIY TV Wall Mount

Well, as promised, this is Mike giving my first post to Imperfectly Polished. As you know, Jessie enjoys working around the house. This usually involves me working around the house. I enjoy saving money. So…mixing the two together, we usually try to see if there are “economical” ways to makeover our house. We found one recently when mounting the TV above the fireplace. Now, stores sell wall mounts for $……. but I thought we could make one. I can’t take credit for it though. My dad actually did this a few years ago (and still hanging tough) and I stole it from him. He doesn’t have a blog though so its pretty much my idea. It is really easy to do and very cheap compared to what they sell a wall mount for at the store. All you need is a 2-3 foot section of sturdy angle iron ( depending on where the wall studs sit and how big your TV is) and a few sturdy hooks that screw into the wall.

First, we measured to see how high and where we wanted the TV to sit on the wall. I found the wall studs around the center of where the TV would sit, pre-drilled the holes, and sunk the hooks deep into the studs. They each were supposed to hold 60 lbs so two of them would more than hold our 55lb TV. The studs, luckily, were fairly centered where we wanted to hang the TV.  Ignore all the putty and holes.

Next, we fastened the angle iron to the TV itself. There were already screws on the back of the TV to hang on a wall mount but they were too short. I had to go to the hardward store and find some of the same size screws that were 3/4 in long. I centered the angle iron on the back of the TV and screwed it in with the new screws, along with a few washers. The angle iron was pretty sturdy too and would not bend, no matter how hard I tried to twist or bend it. So, assuming I can still forcably move something 60 lbs, it will hold the TV too.

At this point, the hooks are in the wall and the iron is fastened to the TV. Now, all you have to do is hang the angle iron on the hooks and presto, cheap wall mount. Total cost was about $15.

Tips: Make sure the hooks are exactly level on the wall when you screw them in. Make sure the holes on the angle iron match with the screws on the back of the TV. Make sure the distance between the hooks matches with the holes on the back of the angle iron. It will save time and trips to the hardware store. I think I made like 4 trips.


  1. Angela Jones says:

    Fabulous job Mike! It looks great and the savings are awesome!! You two are quite the clever couple and make a wonderful team!!


    • Hi Beth!
      Mike tied our cords up and we bought a cord hider at Home Depot for a couple dollarsr. We painted it to the same color as our walls so it would blend in and it is barely noticeable. The cords also go down the side of the wall to the plug but our curtains hide them there:) It is a jumbled mess behind there but no one can see it! I hope that helps!

  3. This is so genius, now I am KICKING myself for spending 70 bucks on a dang wall mount!!! Would you consider coming to our blog to do a guest post about this? Let me know, just respond to this email and I will send you the details!


  4. I just finished doing this with my vizio 42inch lcd. And it works great! I bought hooks that would hold up to 125 pounds each just to be safe, but I spent about 13$ on it and it is working perfectly! Thanks for the awesome idea!

  5. What diameter screws did you use? I need to have an idea. I have no clue what size screws are used. I have a Vizio E370VL 37 inch screen that is sitting on my desk and driving me crazy!

    • just get the screws that fit your mount. It doesn’t have to be the exact same screws that they used…!

  6. This is absolutely great. Ive used similar idea of the angel iron, but the hooks ? How great is that !!

  7. Heather Richardsonwh says:

    What size tv did you mount

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