As Promised…

Here are the new seat cushions for our kitchen chairs.

My original plan was to just recover the cushions that came with the table but I found these really cute seat covers in my new sewing book (thanks, grandma) and decided to try those.  The covers in the book were actually reversible and were made for chairs that didn’t have the slats in the back so I had to improvise a little bit to make them work with our chairs.

Here is the step by step:

Take some scrap fabric and trace your seat:

I added 4 inches (but you could make it longer or shorter) all the way around to make the skirt and marked the size before I cut it out of my fabric:

Next, I hemmed all the way around:

The next part is the most time consuming-measuring.  Measure, check, measure, check, measure and check again.  Trust me, I didn’t double check my first cushion and had to tear it apart and start over so double check your measurements.  I first put my old cushion (minus the fabric) on the chair, laid my fabric on, and measured the sides to make sure it was centered.

The next step is to find the corners in the front to make your darts.  First, hold the front flap flat against the chair to see where the edge of the front is.  Do the same thing on the side-hold it flat against the chair and put a pin on where you can feel the end of the chair.  Then you will be able to see where to cut the fabric.  Cut, fold over, and sew together for your dart.
Then lay it flat and measure to make sure they are evenly spaced from the corner.  Then make your cut and fold the fabric in half to make sure your sides are symmetrical.  Fold, pin, and place back over the chair to make sure they are in the correct place.  Flip inside out and sew your darts.
The last thing I did (because the back of my chair has slats) was to cut a small square out of the back corner so that I could fold the sides down (about 1.5″ x 1.5″).  I also added a strip of velcro to each side of the chair so they would be more secure.  This way, they can still easily come off and be hand washed as needed but should stay in place as well. 
So here is the big reveal.  Before:
And After:
The project took me about 2 1/2 hours total and cost $10.  I love  how they turned out. 


  1. Super cute! Wait til you have kids! You’ll be recovering those puppies every few years :)

  2. Love them.. I’ve been looking everywhere for covers like this to buy… And can’t find any in a fabric that doesn’t look like it came out of my grandmother’s house. I need to start sewing…


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