Kitchen Week-Table Makeover

To keep up with my “out with the brown, in with the new” styling theory, it was time to revamp our kitchen table.  I bought this table when I lived in my old apartment and after being moved a couple times, it was scratched and needed new life.  I gave it a fresh coat of white paint and an antiqued look.  Check out the pics below.

Here is the before:

And the after:

And a few close ups:

The table top:

If you like the look and want to try it yourself, here are some steps and tips to follow:

  • Sand.  I used a power sander and sanded lightly with 120 grit paper (100 works great too).  Make sure to go not go overboard on this step.  You do not want the finish to come off.  This can show through discolored under white paint.
  • Prime.  This will help your paint stick.
  • Paint.  I used a semi-gloss white paint that was leftover from my recent desk remodel.  I did two light coats, just enough to cover but still have some of the grain show through to give it a weathered look.  It is always better to do lots of light coats rather than 1 or 2 sloppy, heavy coats.  You do not want to drip marks on your finished table.
  • Antique with sandpaper.  I started by doing the edges.  Sand over all edges and corners.  I went over them with one solid swipe and whatever parts came off, came off and it turned out great.  The flat areas are a little trickier. It is easy to go overboard here.  Trust me, I did it and had to repaint over some of the areas I had already sanded down. We wanted it to be a subtle antiquing, not too crazy.
  • Seal with a couple coats of polyurethane.  This will make the surface wipeable and give it that finished look.
  • Repeat the same steps with the chairs.  This part was not fun.  The chairs were a lot more work but totally worth it.

I plan on recovering the chair cushions this week and will post them when I’m finished.  I’m thinking of using a navy or darker blue fabric to add a little interest but still fit within my color scheme.  Here is some (way over my budget) fabric inspiration:

Burnet Thom Filica

Flower Field Seaport

Lighthouse Stripe

Lisbon Linen

Riviera in Flight-Iman Home Fabrics

Come back tomorrow for the kitchen week wrap-up!


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