Gettin Twiggy Wit it


Na na na na na na na. Na na na na na na.  Big Willy Style, anyone? I am clearly getting cheesier by the day.  It’s a problem. Ready for some super cool, totally free art?  Twigs, sticks, logs.  Go out and find them and hang em on a wall.  It’s about as easy and […]

Financial Freedom Fridays-The Dreaded B Word


  Yep, we’re talking budgets people.  I know that word may be poison to your ears but it could actually be your best friend.  Yes, really.  If you don’t like the word “budget” our pastor very eloquently called it a “spending plan” at service a few weeks ago so use that phrase if you would […]

Why dontcha sew something


Ok, that’s my best Britney knock off (Why Dontcha Do Something).  Anybody with me?  My hubby had no idea what song I was talking about.  Anyway, hopefully that awful song is now stuck in your head like it is mine. Your welcome. If you have never sewn in your life, you are totally missing out on all the […]

New Look


My blog underwent a mini-makeover yesterday (kinda like Strawberry Shortcake apparently has-who knew???) and I love how it turned out.  It’s much softer, but not a total overhaul. WARNING:  This may happen often.  I (unlike my creature of habit hubs) actually like change.  I think it’s good to try new things and switch things up […]

Feeling Blue


Well I sold that brown rug we had under our kitchen table on Craig’s List last week and got the moola to buy a new one.  We debated on what color and style to go with our updated table and chairs.  We originally thought a creamy color would go best but found this deep blue […]

Horizontal Stripes


I have recently seen horizontal stripes everyone and love them.  Before I show you my version, here is some horizontal stripe inspiration to get you in the mood: Young House Love The Lettered Cottage Team Neider Nesting Place Inspired yet? Next month I plan on painting some stripes upstairs but one of my projects for […]

Financial Freedom Fridays-Know What You Spend


  This may seem crazy to some of you, but the majority of adults do not know exactly how much money they spend on what each month.  This was something that Mike and I went through ourselves.  When we first created our budget, we were shocked at how much money we spent on certain items.  […]


hyde table

Pottery Barn This console is called the “Hyde…” it’s calling my name-literally. Rustic and simple.  Definitely our style.  Are we secretly being watched by Pottery Barn?