Recent House Purchases


So, it’s that time again. More shopping! Our storage unit is overloading and so is my parent’s basement:) Good thing our house is starting to get framed this week…update coming soon! We have just finalized a few purchases lately and I’m excited to share. First of all is some shiny new furniture. You know we’ve been looking… more

How to Curl Your Hair With a Straightener


This may seem like a random post for the blog, but I’ve had a randomly large amount of requests for a tutorial on how I curl my hair. So I finally decided to bite the bullet and record a tutorial.  It is super easy to do and I think it looks more natural than a curling iron. I didn’t think… more

Building Our Dream Home: Weekly Update 3

garage 7

Hi guys! It’s been a big week around here. Molly turned 1:) Molly got sick:( Concrete got poured! Between all of those things, there hasn’t been much spare time to blog but I have some fun pictures today! Molly and I went out to see the progress and it was pretty cool. The house currently… more

Molly’s 1st Birthday Party

molly with us 1st birthday

We celebrated Molly’s first birthday on Saturday and it was such a fun, perfect day! We started the morning off with Molly’s first taste of french toast for breakfast. She loved it of course:) It must have given her a boost of energy because she took her first “major” steps! She took about 4 steps… more

Molly’s 12 Month Update!

12 months old label

You guys. She’s 1 {tomorrow}. I kind of want to cry thinking about it. She’s way too little to be 1, but I guess I’m going to have to face the reality and embrace her growing up. Just look at how she’s changed over the last 12 months. I can’t begin to express how… more

Building vs. Buying

buying vs building

I had someone recently ask about my thoughts on building vs. buying. I’m definitely no expert since we’ve only bought one house and are in the process of building, but I can share what I’ve learned from our experiences. There are so many different things to consider so I thought I would share my thoughts… more

Building Our Dream Home: Weekly Update 2

photo 3-2

Hi friends! Sorry about the unexpected week off last week. My computer crashed on me over the weekend and it took a few days to fix. Luckily, we got it back intact and improved:) I had the last two weeks off of school for spring break so I had lots of girl time with Molly.… more

Building Our Dream Home: Weekly Update 1

dream home weekly update

So the official time is here. The house is ready to roll. The worst winter of all time has passed as far as I’m concerned and it’s spring and we are ready to build a house. I’m going to start a weekly series where I give an update of where we are. This house is… more

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